Skid Couture

Fine Custom Bootfitting - Hand Tunes - Daily Wax

Basement of the Hostel

Teton Village, Wyoming


What we do:

Board Certified Pedorthist

Expert ski and snowboard bootwork.   Medical Grade Custom Orthotics for sport and life.  Sidas, Conformable, Fastech.  Large collection of boot parts. 

CPED Foot Evaluations and Boot Recommendation

High arch?  Painful feet?   Planus or Cavus?  Rigid or flexible?  Learn the characteristics of your foot and make an informed purchase.  I don't sell boots, I just tell you what boot you need.   Don't get sold what the MegaCorp store needs to get rid of.  

Hand Ski Tunes

No $750K machine here.  Get your skis tunes the World Cup way- by hand.  The human touch will make your ride glide like magic.  Finished with Swiss files and diamond stones, you never knew your skis could turn so well.

Daily Wax

Expert skiers and snowboarders wax daily for changing conditions.   Nothing can make or break your day like sticky rough bases.   Don't fight changing snow conditions, glide through them!  We use only genuine Wintersteiger and Sun Valley Ski Tools waxes.

30 Minute Boot Tune Up

Make your boots feel like new!  Flat out, the best money you can spend on your ski trip.  Increase comfort and performance.   Lifechanging.

Overnight - Slopeside - Convenient